When Strangers Meet

When Strangers Meet

A new conversational radio show, When Strangers Meet takes two strangers from different walks of life, puts them together on air and forces them to make conversation.


Jono Talks #3 – Daniel Pertile

Daniel Pertile is my twelve-year-old brother, who is about to commence secondary school in 2016. Since Christmas has just passed, we discuss […]


Jono Talks #2 – Matthew Horrigan

Matthew Horrigan is a Taekwondo athlete hailing from the Melbourne Taekwondo Centre. He has represented our country here and abroad; achieving many […]


Jono Talks #1 – Karl Bianco

Karl Bianco is a radio broadcaster at Southern FM. He currently hosts a morning radio show on 88.3 FM radio from 7-9 […]


the favourites

THE FAVOURITES is a SYN Nation radio program hosted by comedian Claire Sullivan. Each Sunday from 7 till 8pm Claire chats to […]