Halloween Themed Boogie Wonderland Playlist 30 Oct 2016

Special Halloween themed playlist for this Hallows eve!


Interview: Kyle Page, Dancenorth

Dancenorth Artistic Director, KYLE PAGE, joined hosts Michaela and Erin on the line to talk about the Melbourne premiere of IF_WAS – a double […]


Review: House Party 1 – Quarter Street

On Friday night I danced to the rhythmic genius of Quarter Street, one of Melbourne’s hottest Salsa bands, as they performed in […]


Interview: Emma Fishwick & Kynan Tan

Hosts Lauren and Andrew were joined in the studio with EMMA FISHWICK, creator and choreographer & KYNAN TAN, composer and projection visual artist from Next […]


Review: SPEAR

Ebony reviews the Australian film SPEAR she saw at Cinema Nova earlier this week. SPEAR is a contemporary Aboriginal story, told through movement and dance, or […]


This week on Conceptions Scott and Dave have run off to Meredith Music Festival for a “fact finding” holiday. Through the use […]


Riza Manalo: Welcome to the Salon

A walking tour of dance performances in functioning hair salons explores the role of woman and image: hosts Andrew and Daisy chat […]


Babylon Circus & 32 Rue Vandenbranden at Melbourne Festival

Rachel tells co-host Osman all about French 10-piece ska-rock band Babylon Circus and dance performance 32 Rue Vandenbranden. Babylon Circus showed on […]


Joss Baker: 32 Rue Vandenbranden at Melbourne Festival

Hosts Rachel Iampolski and Osman Erciyes chat to dancer Joss Baker about the extremely physical 32 Rue Vandenbranden, a collaboration of international […]