Just A Grrl – Show 5 Blog!!!

Hey everyone! I am back with a blog post – hopefully it will be a little bit more directed this time, instead […]


Playlist 1/5/15

        01. Adonis – No Way Back (Club Mix) 02. Solar Quest – Acid Air Raid 03. X-Dream – […]


Monday: The World Is Just Awesome – Elephants, Dancing, Dream Jobs

In Maddy’s regular segment on the show she shares with Scott this week’s good news stories to cheer us up from all […]


Playlist: Week 4 23/2/15 (Acid House/Techno)

          1. 303 Power- Chris Liberator and Geezer 2. a2- Crystal Distortion 3. Blizzard (Hardfloor Mix)- Djuma Soundsystem […]


Monday: Embarrassing Driving Habits

On Monday’s Get Cereal, Scott & Gracie discussed the various naughty & embarrassing habits that people commit whilst driving. Gracie reflected on […]


The Multifarious Theatre Show

Dance, music theatre, opera, plays, and so much more. Your weekly fix of live theatre with hosts opera extraordinaire Jeremy and music […]