David Ross


Veggies vs Fruit – What’s what.

Do you consider yourself a foodie? You’d ace a short quiz putting names to pictures of fruits and veg, right? You’d be […]


Paedophiles , sex offending.

The Issue of Child sex abuse – and how to deal with and treat paedophiles has reared its ugly head with the continuing […]


Narcissism – People problems

Increasingly described as the “Me Generation” young people are tarred with the brush of narcissus.  But what does that word actually mean […]



Myanmar, also known as Burma, has had its first free (mostly) and arguably most important, elections since the 1960s. They will decide […]


Mayhem? Myanmar? Elections in Burma

The South East Asian nation of Myanmar is increasingly kicking into gear on the international stage.  But it’s the latest ructions on […]


Don’t drive high

Don’t drive high folks.  News from the Victorian and NSW police appears to be more are being caught than ever before.  But […]


Water on Mars

The Age old question – is there water on a Marsbar? – was sidetracked today, with the far more serious – Is […]


First moves of the new captain

What the hell happened that fateful september evening, you may ask yourself.  Like every and all media outlets around the country Panorama […]


Wrap up: Melbourne Train Strikes

Whether you love or hate Melbourne’s transport system there is no denying the standstill of trains last Friday was frustrating. But what were […]


Problems in a Rich town

Big problems have always beset Richmond.  For the moment, the greatest in the Victoria Street area, up the north end of Melbourne’s […]