DEFCON Bulletin


Episode #10 – Jungalou Island vs. The Moon – 12/07/2014 – DEFCON Bulletin

John Xander reports on the Jungalou Island government accelerating plans to cut the moon in half in order to compete with Goldenland’s […]


Episode #9 – Death of a Newsman – 05/07/2014 – DEFCON Bulletin

In this special episode, the personal life of John Xander as well as how he became the anchor for DEFCON Bulletin is […]


Episode #8 – The War of Wars – 28/06/2014 – DEFCON Bulletin

DEFCON Bulletin reports on the war between Jungalou Island and Goldenland where Jungalou Island resorts to recruiting babies into their military and […]


Episode #7 – A Look Back – 21/06/2014 – DEFCON Bulletin

DEFCON Bulletin celebrates it’s 52nd anniversary by playing clips of some of the reporters’ favourite moments on the show.. Then it gets […]


Episode #6 – Genderism – 14/06/2014 – DEFCON Bulletin

John Xander doesn’t respond well to a new co-anchor, a third gender has been discovered and Ronald Paris reports on a new […]


Episode #5 – News Monkeys – 07/06/2014 – DEFCON Bulletin

After being mocked by a satirical comedy radio show, DEFCON Bulletin enters into sensationalist overdrive while on a special edition of  “The […]


Episode #4 – Invasion of the Brain Harvesters – 31/05/2014 – DEFCON Bulletin

What sounds like an invasion from brain harvesting aliens helps DEFCON Bulletin attempt to strike fear into the public. Corporate executives begin […]


Episode #3 – Jungalou Island Independence Day – 17/05/2014 – DEFCON Bulletin

It’s Independence Day in Jungalou Island and celebrations turn sour after the President is assassinated, a new youth social media trend puts […]


Episode #2 – The David Bowie Dance – 03/05/2014 – DEFCON Bulletin

DEFCON Bulletin reports on the second coming of the messiah, David Bowie,  and conducts an investigation into a religious cult following the […]


Episode #1: Citizen Hugsy – 26/04/2014 – DEFCON Bulletin

DEFCON Bulletin reports on the election, as it heats up with the selection of a bear as a presidential candidate in a […]