The Yellow Family S01E07 – ‘Homer Goes to College’

The boys are outsmarted by special guest Marcus who brings ‘Homer Goes to College’ for discussion. The trio chat about Mr. Burns for […]


Discussion: Abigail/1702

Hosts Jim and Christian, along with AP Thierry, discuss Abigail/1702, the sequel to Arthur Miller’s The Crucible.  Boutique Theatre’s production of Abigail/1702, is being performed […]


The Hot Tag Ep 1 “Sports Entertainment”

The first Hot Tag podcast here on SYN! Join us as we look back at the week that was; NJPW Dominion 6.19, […]


Discussion: Cat Cafes

No cultural phenomenon is too low brow for Art Smitten. Hosts Beth and Will are joined by producer Lauren to discuss their […]


Discussion: FOLA Genius

Hosts Christian and Jonathan discuss Genius, a show that was part of the Festival of Live Arts. 


AEU Forum for Victorian LGBTIQ Students and Staff – Midsumma Festival

The Naughty Rude Show was lucky enough to score an invitation to a recent forum hosted by the Australian Education Forum on […]


Sexism and the gay male community

VICE’s recent article ‘The gay men who hate women’, written by Sean Faye, explores the under-represented issue of sexism and gay men […]


Dc Rated 9/10/15

Christian shows off his French skills in a review of Amélie and Daniel gets to use his Scottish Gaelicto talk about Seachd: The Inaccessible […]


Generation Z

Each week we discuss the issues affecting our present and future, as the most connected generation of all time takes the world […]