Rosie Jones

Interview: Rosie Jones

Christian interviews Rosie Jones, director of the documentary The Family which premiered last year at the Melbourne International Film Festival and is now […]


Review: The Family

The Family is Rosie Jones and Anna Grieve’s ominously titled documentary about a bizarre Australian cult that was finally discovered by police […]


Review: The New Girl in Class – Indian Film Festival Melbourne

To say that The New Girl in Class is the weakest offering of the Indian Film Festival would be something of an understatement. Amrita […]


Great Minds Don’t Think Alike 1/9/16

Christian and Daniel chat about Executive Function and Dysnfunction, Project Unspell – a Dyslexic friendly alphabet – and a particularly problematic Indian […]


Dr. Anna Poletti: Life Writing and Ethics

How do you write ethically about a real, living person? Monash University Literary Studies lecturer Dr. Anna Poletti discusses the study of […]



Earlier this week, Christian attended the media screening and panel discussion of  documentary CHEMSEX. exclusive to CINEMA NOVA – the documentary will be […]


Nicole Ma: Putuparri & the Rainmakers

Daisy Wu chats to director Nicole Ma about her documentary Putuparri and the Rainmakers, spanning 10 years of Putuparri’s life and his struggles […]


Review: Best of Enemies

Katie Doherty discusses the “sick burns” of Robert Gordon and Morgan Neville’s documentary on the 1968 series of heated debates between Democrat […]


Review: The Wolfpack

Kelly Enright reviews Crystal Moselle’s documentary about six home-schooled and isolated teenage boys. The Wolfpack was released on August 27 and is now […]


Review – I Am Big Bird: The Carol Spinney Story

Review by Daisy Wu. Directed by Dave LaMattina and Chad N. Walker Run time: 90 minutes I Am Big Bird: The Carol […]