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Medicinal cannabis under debate

The Victorian Labor party is pushing for the legalisation of medicinal cannabis. While research in this area of medicine is still new […]


Asylum seekers in limbo

More than 150 asylum seekers are facing a period of uncertainty on the high seas in an Australian customs vessel while their […]


Balkan state of emergency

Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia have been experiencing some of the worst floods recorded in Balkan history. Dragana Mrkaja speaks to Dalibor Saula, […]


Australia: the expensive country

Have you found living in Australia harder to manage? Does all your weekly pay go towards food and living expenses?¬†A new report […]


Australia pushes for cruelty free cosmetics

Considering the global negativity and protests that are now continuously associated with animal testing, it is surprising how common the practice remains […]


Rural communites missing LGBTI support

While LGBTI communities are recieving more support than ever, it seems rural areas across Australia are still missing out.¬†Dragana Mrkaja and Alice […]