Drug test blank form with Variety of medicines

Drug Testing Welfare Recipients

A Bill put forward by the Liberal Party that seeks to have welfare recipients subject to mandatory drug tests has resurfaced in […]

safe injecting

Melbourne to trial safe injecting room

Melbourne will soon trial a safe drug injecting facility, a move supporters say will save hundreds of lives. Nic Zoumboulis investigates

Cops crack down on drugs in popular Melbourne nightlife haunts

There has recently been a crack down on drug usage in some of Melbourne’s popular night life haunts. Reporter Meg Kennedy investigates.

Controversy surrounds roll out of university drug testing kit

Pill testing is a controversial topic that has dipped in and out of headlines in recent years. As The University of Melbourne […]


Freedom from an 8 year Ice addiction

On this Episode we chat to Jarryd Bardsley and Glenn Munso about how Jarryd broke an 8 year ice addiction which included […]


Maria Sharapova’s shock drug test failure

Maria Sharapova is one of tennis’s most popular and marketable players, who is a former world number one and a five time […]


Dominic Ennis Interview (YSAS)

Josh and Simon sat down with Dom Ennis from the Youth Support and Advocacy Service (YSAS) to discuss drug and alcohol dependancy […]


Drugs and music festivals

How can we educate young Australians on drugs? Do young Australian’s care about authoritative figures? Is there enough education surrounding these issues? […]


Don’t drive high

Don’t drive high folks.  News from the Victorian and NSW police appears to be more are being caught than ever before.  But […]


The ice epidemic in rural Victoria

Is the government doing enough to tackle the ice epidemic in regional and rural Victoria? Or is this epidemic overplayed with regional […]