Ellen and Milo

Tuesday 30th Nov Playlist! :)

 Hosts- Ellen and Milo   NICK HUGGINS- Dream with me RUFUS- Paris Collides   THE DIRT FARMERS- Real Young BUTCHER BLADES- Dive […]

Tuesday 22nd Nov Hoist Playlist!

 Host: Milo (Ellen sick!)   OISAMA – Ploy JORDAN F- Crime in the 4th sector GALAPAGOOSE – Ploy OLIVER TANK – I […]

Playlist Tuesday 15th November!

 Hosts- Ellen and Milo   OLIVER TANK- What I Have Become (Flash Forest Remix) HYFRYDOL- Covered In Snow   THOMAS WILLIAM- Cliques […]

Playlist Tuesday! 8th November

 Hosts- Ellen and Milo!   PLAYWRITE- Animals Housed  EMPERORS- PLASTIC GUNS   THE ORBWEAVERS – Double Thread SUSY BLUE- Circus   JONTI- […]