Emma D’Agostino

Reducing radicalism: prevention better than cure?

AS Malcolm Turnbull made his first national security statement as Prime Minister, Panorama investigated Australia’s strategies for countering violent extremism (CVE). For […]


Bacon Breasts – cancer concern

Current trend makes the discussion of carcenogenic meat products talk of the day.  Panorama too leapt in to the deep end of […]


Revenge Porn

The Labor party has proposed a bill aimed at dealing with the problem of revenge porn in Australia.  Victoria and NSW currently […]

Youth Homelessness Matters Day

Wednesday April 15 was no ordinary hump day, but Youth Homelessness Matters Day. Those of us lucky enough to have a nice, safe […]

Hot topic: Homophobia

Beyond Blue has re-launched its Stop. Think. Respect: Left Hand campaign in response to alarming levels of homophobia in young men aged […]