Erik Magister


Season 02, Week 11 – The Nostalgia Critic

Erik Magister is joined once again by The Punk as they talk about one of their favourite reviewers: The Nostalgia Critic. Rahven […]


Season 02, Week 10 – PAX

Erik Magister goes to PAX 2014.  Special thanks to all interviewees.   Please check out  Conjure the by Info”>Gaming Retro Gamer My […]


Season 02, Week 08 – Survival Horror with Guest

Erik Magister is joined by co-founder of Rahven Wel Studios, The Punk.   AIRED:  30/11/2014, SYN 90.7    


Season 02, Week 07 – Doctor Who The Peter Davison and Christopher Eccleston Eras

On the 23rd of November, what better topic is suited for The Love of a Nerd to discuss than Doctor Who?   […]


Season 02, Week 09 – 42 Geek Street

Erik Magister is joined by Ren and Mike of 42 Geek Street to discuss their show that is no way like The […]


Season 02, Week 06 – Anime with Guest

Erik Magister is joined by Natasha who talks about her favourite subject: Anime. Also please check out Animeball … Z, which Natasha […]


Season 02, Week 05 – My Little Pony with Guest

Erik Magister is joined by Michael to talk about My Little Pony. Once again we apologise for the poor audio quality for […]


Season 02, Week 04 – Hard vs. Soft Sci-Fi

Erik Magister is joined by Seth, who talks about Hard vs. Soft Sci-Fi. Seth is one of those internet reviewers, you can […]


Season 02, Week 03 – Pokémon with Guest

The show on the 19th was supposed to be a pre-record as Erik was away at Armageddon. It wasn’t played. Our guest […]


Season 02, Week 01 – Monty Python

Erik Magister and The Love of a Nerd return to the air, and the host talk about his favourite group of comedians: […]