Work Experience

Applications for the 2019 Work Experience are now OPEN!  > CLICK HERE TO APPLY < The SYN Work Experience program is a week long […]

Wanderland Saturday 6 December 2014

Fari, Saya and Melody talk about how to meet people in a new city and their experiences as international students in Melbourne.

Does money buy happiness? YAMEC on the air.

Each week we hear from young people with refugee or migrant backgrounds who are participants in the Young Adult Migrant Education Course at NMIT […]



A syncytium is a multinucleated cell that can result from multiple cell fusions of uninuclear cells.  A SYNcytium is a group of […]


Unpaid internships: Good experience or exploitation?

Unpaid internships, are they a helpful tool to build experience? Do they exploit young people? Is completing one or several internships becoming […]


Thursday: Rantin’ and Raving – Black Cats and Entry Level Job Experience

Justin, Claire and Steph from the Thursday team are Rantin’ and Raving again! Today Steph reveals her views on black cats, and Justin joins in […]


Wanderlust Melbourne 10 May 2014

Tracy, Elesha, Maria and Vrinda share great stories from bunking* sports classes at school to making new friends at Uni.   And […]