“Drag, Dress Up, and Decadence” on The Naughty Rude Show – 5th November 2017

This week on Naughty Rude, Erin, Jai and Amorette are here to chat wrestling and gender, sexy Halloween costumes, and food play. Oh, […]

Memory Drain Logo

Episode 9: Food Drain

Host Maria, Joined by Julia explores memories relating to Food.  Featured discussions includes Julia’s tragic visit to her favourite restaurant only to […]


Two Spoons

Here at Two Spoons, we unpack the colourful and multilayered pudding that is the life of a student. As connoisseurs, we sample the […]


C’mon Get Happy!

Welcome to C’mon Get Happy! A radio show where we explore all the different avenues young people walk down in the pursuit […]

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The First Bite

Sink your teeth into The First Bite, a delectable Sunday seasonal from 4-5pm on SYN 90.7FM, which is sure to tempt your […]


Life in Colour S1 #6: What’s Your Flavour?

Life in Colour S1 #6: What’s Your Flavour? Warning: Don’t listen to this show on an empty stomach! We’ll have you salivating as […]


Feral meat – the future of sustainable Australian diet?

Vegetarian, vegan and pescatorian may all sound familiar, but how about pestatarian?   New research shows the rise of pestatarian, who eats […]


Monday, April 25th

Zack & Thomas prepare for a costume party, eat strange food, and review Kate Bush’s “Kick Inside”


Thursday, April 21st

Richard & Will remember Eddsworld, recite sad stories in four words, and discuss all things food.


Thursday, April 7th

With Will and Patrick away, Richard chats about Spore, speaks out against littering and more!