42 – Health – 11/12/14

Are you looking after yourself? Emily, Michael and Laura share their tips for staying healthy. 


42 – Last Show – 18/12/2014

Emily, Laura and Michael present the last show of 42, covering all the things they couldn’t cover during the rest of the […]


42 – Law – 04/12/14

What does it mean to be a law-abiding citizen in Australia and what happens when you’re not? In this week’s show, Michael, […]


42 – Education – Interview with Alison Templar

Emily and Laura discuss all things education with Alison Templar. Originally aired 20/11/2014. Photo Credit: Death to Stock


42 – Education – 20/11/2014

Emily, Laura, and special guest Alison Templar discuss the many pathways on the road to education. Unfortunately a tech error meant we’ve […]


42 – Interview with Caroline Cashmore

Michael, Laura and Emily discuss housing with Caroline Cashmore.


42 – Housing – 13/11/2014

Michael, Laura and Emily share their knowledge on the housing market – selling, renting and investing.  


42 – Cheap Living – 06/11/2014

Emily and Laura share their tips for cutting costs in this week’s show all about cheap living.   Photo credit: Jacob Edward […]


42 – Interview with Nicole Ashworth on Dealing with a Crisis

Nicole Ashworth speaks with Emily about crisis management. All views are individual.


42 – Dealing with a Crisis – 30/10/2014

Michael and Emily discuss dealing with stress, life events, mental health and environmental emergencies. Special guests Susie Hansen and Nicole Ashworth also […]