Friday, April 1st

Bianca & Tara update us on the week in Kanye, discuss proposed changes to Victoria’s licensing system and more.


Friday, March 25th

Join Bianca and Tara as they discuss childhood struggles, Kanye West and much more! 


Friday, March 4th

Sam, Tara and Bianca discuss when a meme should die, Facebook birthday messages, Kanye West and much more!


Friday, February 12th

Join Sam, Bianca and Tara as they continue their weekly segment “How is this still a thing?” as well as discuss Zayn […]


Episode VII: The Paper Kites Interview

Aaaaaaannnd we’re back. After a brief university related hiatus, the Zach & Will podcast is live and kicking.  Is this episode we talk […]


Playlist 18/4/15

            01. I Wonder If I Take You Home- Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam 02.The Knife- Heartbeats […]


New and Approved Playlist 27/2/15

Third week in and going strong! The D.Y.E dropped in tonight too.  Mosé + The FMLY – Lotus Flower Pearls – Big Shot […]