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Friends stars caught up in mid-flight emergency above Mexico

Friends stars Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox have been caught up in a mid-flight emergency above Mexico. But don’t worry, the girls […]

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Friends star David Schwimmer’s surprising new role

David Schwimmer is set to make his first network primetime TV appearance in 14 years, after landing a recurring role on Will […]


Girl Gang EP06

Catch up or relisten (if you think it was any good) to Girl Gang’s sixth episode, aired live 20.08.2016 This weeks Song […]


Girl Gang EP03

Catch up or relisten (if you think it was any good) to Girl Gang’s third episode. aired live 30.07.2016 This weeks Song […]


Girl Gang EP02

Catch up or relisten (if you think it was any good) to Girl Gang’s second episode, aried live on 23.07.2016


Full Show | Monday, February 15th, 2016

Guru Genevieve returns to discuss standing up for what you believe in, while Tara tells of her multilingual mistakes.


Episode III: “How do you go about telling someone off?”

So your boss yells at you for something you didn’t do, do you yell back?  If you are the boss, is it […]


Episode II: “Is it normal to do certain things on your own and fly solo?”

So you’re dying to see a movie, but your friends don’t want to go to see it. Do you still go to […]


Episode I: “How to act at a friend’s house”

What do you do when a friend comes over, opens your fridge and pours himself a drink without permission? What about when […]