Harriet Conron


On the other side

This month, more than 220 000 Australian students will sit their final high school exams. It can be a stressful, isolating or […]


Water water all around

How much do you hate paying for water? What if it you could get it for free? Hwi So and his friends […]


P-Plates and V8s

From July, P-Platers will be alowed to drive V8 cars under new, simplified vehicle restrictions.  But will this keep young drivers safe […]


The students are revolting!

Today, University students across Australia took to the streets to protest buget cuts to education funding.  But does conflict create change? Harriet […]


Budgeting for the future

Last night’s federal budget revealed major cuts to spending across many sectors of the Australian economy. Harriet Conron reports on the big […]

Big Dreamers

Young people have acheived some pretty awesome things this year, overcoming huge challenges to succeed in diverse fields across Australia. Tune in […]