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Interview: Kate McDonald, Ian Pidd and Anton Cleaver-Wilkinson

Christian chats to Creative Producer Kate McDonald, Director Ian Pidd and dance teacher Anton Cleaver-Wilkinson about the Inaugural Annual Dance Affair, on […]


Review: House Party 1 – Quarter Street

On Friday night I danced to the rhythmic genius of Quarter Street, one of Melbourne‚Äôs hottest Salsa bands, as they performed in […]


Ilona Nelson & Celeste Chandler: Likeness

What can a portrait do? Hosts Lucy and Will chat to artists Ilona Nelson and Celeste Chandler in the studio about their […]


Interview: Carolyn Bock & Helen Hopkins from The Girls in Grey

Alice Walker chats to Carolyn Bock and Helen Hopkins, actors and co-writers of theatre production The Girls in Grey. The piece explores […]


Interview: Simon Hoy and Kristy Demovan from Melbourne Ballet

Katherine chats to choreographer Simon Hoy and dancer Kristy Demovan about creativity as hard work and choreohgraphy as a physical expression of […]