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TYTF Podcast Two – Takeoff

Zach and Charlie Present: TOO YOUNG TO FAIL TYTF Podcast Episode Two – Takeoff We ramble through our new segments, Pain or Gain and Cute […]

Podcast One Feature TYTF

TYTF Podcast One – Pilot

Zach and Charlie Present: TOO YOUNG TO FAIL TYTF Podcast Episode One – Pilot Our European summer tan has faded, our bank […]


Tuesday, April 12th

Josh & Jamal cover the inevitable – high school. They chat about hacking your way through the years with useful study tips, […]


VCE/Exam Tips

Exam season is finally upon us. Join the Wednesday Get Cereal team to find little nifty tips to get through those exams


Procrastination? Guilty!!

Guilty of Procrastination? Tune into to hear the Wednesday team as they discuss the art that is Procrastination 


Calls for teaching practices to be tailored

When you were in high school, did you ever wonder how your teacher catered for your ability level whilst also assisting your […]


Primary School Disco – High School Disco Edition

In which Beck and Chiara jump forward a few years to have a look at high school life.

Great Minds Don’t Think Alike 25/10

Cal, Eamon and Christian talk the good and the bad of primary school, high school and transitioning between the two.


How to be… Smart

Ok, so my second show of the season didn’t exactly go smoothly with all the technical difficulties and as a result this […]