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14/01/2020 Graveyard Shift

14/01/2020 Graveyard Shift. Night radio 2am to 6am. Mixcloud post of graveyard shift recording:


Balboa By Saltfeend EP review

Saltfeend presents Balboa is a hip hop EP with electronic influences with the use of synths EP to relax your mind and […]


Waves from within By Dusty Ohms (EP) review

Waves from Within is a five-track music project from Dusty Ohms. The music within the EP are beats that are bouncy, wonky, […]


HONEYCOMB By Jitwam (Album) Review

HONEYCOMB By Jitwam is an Album having genres blended into each other that are psychedelic, soul, dance, Hip Hop, House, Blues, Jazz, […]


Graveyard Shift/Stefans SYN Death Graveyard (29/12/2019)

Pop, Metal, Hip Hop and more music. Graveyard Shift/Stefans SYN Death Graveyard (29/12/2019).


BT03_Nightdreams & Daymares by Alnitak Kid (Album) Music Review

BT03_Nightdreams & Daymares by Alnitak Kid . It is a beat tape/Album mainly comprising of Hip Hop tracks such as Let me […]


Ra Ra Raj Metta Tape (Album) Review

Metta Tape by Ra Ra Raj is an album that is filled with samples that are Indian based Bollywood Samples. The album […]


Tigermoth-Gung Fu (Album) review

Gung Fu by Tigermoth is an Album that features instrumentals that are very unique and rare to discover the music includes samples […]


SO.crates – Static Methods (EP) review

A hip hop Ep includes hip hop beats that are similar and comparable to the nineties era of hip hop and vocals […]


Atari (EP) by Kings Kross review

A Hip Hop, RnB, and Pop EP. A sound similar to American hip hop such as metro boomin, the weekend and others […]