Hip Hop


Graveyard shift (10/11/2019)

Graveyard shift from 10/11/2019 2am to 6 am. Hip hop music and other genres.


Grave Yard Shift (22/10/2019)

Graveyard shift on 22/10/2017. Night radio.


Graveyard Shift (12/10/2019)

Graveyard shift with hip hop, pop, metal, house and more genres of music.


Noble Natives live review

The Venue ‘Section 8’ located Tattersalls Ln, Melbourne VIC, ran an event called Mellowdias Thump , in attendance was Noble Natives a […]


Graveyard Shift With Joshua Caleb 06/9/2019

Night Radio with Joshua Caleb featuring Hip hop and pop music with live performances.


The Graveyard Shift (30/07/2019)

The Graveyard Shift. 2am to 6am. Talking music and music knowledge. Playing tracks of genres such as hip hop, rock, metal, rnb […]



Hayley and Jessie chat to funky guy Henry aka Gloom to chat about his new album (Sunday Sweets Local Feature Album) “Wilder”.


The Grave Yard 24-12-2017

A broadcast of The Grave Yard from 24/12/2017.

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All Day Breakfast

The All Day Breakfast is the morning/afternoon show for the late sleeper, covering everything you missed at breakfast and everything else you need to know to face the day. Join Brent, Josh and Eli every Wednesday from 3-4pm on SYN 90.7 for the laziest lie-in of your week!

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Can You Dig It?

A show for anyone who loves hip hop, r&b, soul and jazz fusion. Episdoe 1: http://syn.org.au/can-dig-summer-edition-best-2016/