Review: The Love Witch

The Love Witch is a 2016 release written and directed by Anna Biller. It follows the story of a young beautiful witch […]


The Haunting Hour

THE HAUNTING HOUR- Exploring all things SPOOKY! Unsolved mysteries, with film reviews, news and discussion. MONDAYS 11 PM.


Amplify | Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Josh & Jamal discuss everything paranomal – from childhood fears to horror in media, in today’s Amplify podcast! Amplify is The Sound […]

Disco House of Horrors

This weeks spooky theme comes just in time for Halloween as Conceptions delivers tracks that are truly frightening.


Review: Let Me In

Hosts Thomas and Alexander discuss Matt Reeves’ Let Me In (2010), a vampire horror based on Thomas Alfredson’s Let The Right One In (Låt den rätte […]


The War On Terrier Explained

Easily the most intellegent coverage you will hear about the Johnny Depp dog saga, and it contains zombies.    Samples sourced from: […]


Discussion: Afflicted

Hosts Thomas and Alexander take us deep into Derek Lee and Clif Prowse’s horror film Afflicted (2013), which they co-directed and co-wrote […]


Review: It Follows

Hosts Christian and Rachel discuss the latest horror sensation It Follows (David Robert Mitchell), which was released on April 16.


Episode III: Ring

In the third episode of Print To Picture, San and Sophie discuss three iterations of the horror Ring; the original 1991 Koji […]


Podcast of Episode 1

For the first ever episode of FILM STOCK Claudia is joined by film critic and programmer at The Astor Theatre Tara Judah […]