Facebook censorship after Cambridge Analytica

Image credit to Thought Catalog. Facebook has been known for championing online openness, and over the years has maintained a fairly hands […]

paradise papers

Paradise Papers leak shines light on international tax avoidance

The largest document leak in history has unveiled confronting information about how the mega-rich hide their money to avoid paying tax. 13.4 […]

Labs Online: How To Look Good On The Internet

Our October Content Lab focused on how to use the internet to promote our work and our selves. We were joined by Rochelle Flack: […]


Genderfluidity, Queer Bullying & The Imitation Game: 17.04.2016

On this week’s show we had: – A discussion of how social media has boosted the reach of queer celebrities and personalities […]


Revenge Porn

The Labor party has proposed a bill aimed at dealing with the problem of revenge porn in Australia.  Victoria and NSW currently […]


Swinburne on SYN – Online Privacy

Dean is joined by Internet Entertainer Chris Holmes and IT Networking Student Kirby Siason as they discuss your online privacy habits. The […]


Swinburne on SYN – When ‘Netflix and Chill’ goes too far – August 12

Dean and Josh discuss some of the problems with ‘Netflix and Chill’, and also the fact that you shouldn’t believe everything the […]


Swinburne on SYN – The death of the ‘LOL’ – August 12

Dean and Josh discuss how the slang term ‘LOL’ is coming to an end, and how Emoji’s are taking over. Air date: […]


Show 18 – Law & Order

Show 18 Podcast – 28/3/15 Song List: Colorvision – Com Truise Everyday Robots – Damon Albarn Goose – Miami Mais Spacetime – Gardens and Villa Cool […]

Swinburne on SYN 5 August 2014 – Internet Piracy

Justin, Sam and Callum discuss internet piracy and the reforms proposed by the Federal Government.