job hunting

Pathways Podcast Week 2 11/2/17

Pathways Episode 2 – Job hunting This episode Jon and Mez covered how our parents used to find job ads and compared […]


The Graduates #12 Last Show!

It’s the last show for The Graduates – we talk about how the job hunt has progressed and what we’ve learnt in […]


The Graduates #10 Job Hunting and Mental Illness

Job hunting can really get you down, so this week we’re chatting about how to keep mentally healthy while looking for work. […]


The Graduates #9 Social Media and Job Hunting

Social media can be hard to navigate at the best of times, but it’s extra difficult when you’re looking for a job. […]


The Graduates #8 Networking

How do you network? Should you use LinkedIn? What’s a professional organisation or union for? Why does it all sound so scary? […]


The Graduates #7 Graduate Programs

Many graduates get their first jobs through a grad program. This week we speak about group interviews, standing out in the crowd […]


The Graduates #6 Intern Life

Interning and working for free are an unavoidable part of getting a job. This week the Graduates talk about how to get […]


The Graduates #5: The Job Market

This week on The Graduates we look at where you find jobs, Seek, Pedestrian even the humble newspaper. We also dig into […]


The Graduates #4 Interviews Part 2

This week we dicuss group interviews, Skype and phone interviews and how to deal with weird questions. Plus we make sense of […]


Job Seeker of the week: Mason

Mason is a pretty snappy guy, he knows all about the coolest music and manages a team of hundreds of young media […]