JOB BLOG // Dissecting Job Titles

Ever hopped on Seek, Googled a bunch of jobs and thought “I’d be perfect at that!!” only to find the requirements are […]

JOB BLOG // Job Interviews

So you’ve submitted an application, you’ve received a call back and they want you to come in for an interview? Good one! […]

JOB BLOG // LinkedIn

Linkedin: it’s like Facebook but for ‘professionals’, right? But how important is it really? It’s hard to really quantify the importance of LinkedIn […]

JOB BLOG // Keeping A Record Of Your Work

If you’re volunteering at SYN, it’s likely you have a HUGE amount of work: great stuff, good stuff and stuff you’d rather […]

JOB BLOG // Cover Letter

When applying for jobs you’ll be expected to write a cover letter to submit with your application. Cover letters are straightforward in […]

JOB BLOG // Key Selection Criteria

If you’re applying for jobs, eventually you’ll be asked to respond to Key Selection Criteria (KSC). Key Selection Criteria are literally just that: […]

JOB BLOG // Writing your CV

So you’ve found a job you like and you’ve decided you want to apply for it. Great! But what the heck do you […]

JOB BLOG // Why you should join the SYN Leadership Team

Applications for the 2017 Leadership Team are now open! SYN’s Leadership Team are a select group of volunteers who are responsible for […]


JOB BLOG // Getting a job in regional radio

You might’ve heard, Melbourne is a pretty great place to live. This means a few things: outstanding art and culture, a superb […]


JOB BLOG // Building a radio aircheck

Soooooooooo you’ve plucked up the courage, put yourself out there and asked someone in the commerical or public radio industry if they […]