Pathways Podcast Week 2 11/2/17

Pathways Episode 2 – Job hunting This episode Jon and Mez covered how our parents used to find job ads and compared […]

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Ever struggled to get work, despite seeming to do everything right? Pathways discusses what people are doing for work, how people are getting work and what you can do to improve your chances of getting employed.


JOB BLOG // Getting a job in regional radio

You might’ve heard, Melbourne is a pretty great place to live. This means a few things: outstanding art and culture, a superb […]


Where do the real “Jobs and growth” come from?: How journalists started out from community radio

The “Jobs and growth” Federal budget includes $1.4m p.a. funding cut for community radio stations, which puts broadcasting on digital at risk […]


Tess talks SYNning and the media industry

Maddy caught up with SYN general manager Tess Lawley! Part 1 explores working in the media industry.


Show 3 – Jobs and Economy

Show 3 Podcast – 25/10/14 Song Playlist: Money – Pink Floyd No Man’s Land – Billy Joel Big Time – Peter Gabriel […]


Unpaid internships: Good experience or exploitation?

Unpaid internships, are they a helpful tool to build experience? Do they exploit young people? Is completing one or several internships becoming […]


Thursday: Rantin’ and Raving – Black Cats and Entry Level Job Experience

Justin, Claire and Steph from the Thursday team are Rantin’ and Raving again! Today Steph reveals her views on black cats, and Justin joins in […]


The Graduates #2: Cover letters & key selection criteria. Woo!

What makes a sexy cover letter? Or at least one that won’t end up in the bin rather than the interview pile? […]