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The Nudge:Episode 3- “Stress is caused by being here, but wanting to be there”

This week Julian and Ash discuss stress and the different ways we can cope with everyday stressors! Notorious for being stress- heads, […]

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The Nudge: Episode 2- “It’s A Marathon, Not A Sprint”

This week Julian and Ash look into their careers prospects and delve into some of the best practices for attaining a job. […]

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The Nudge: Episode 1 – “Action Expresses Priorities”

In the pilot episode of The Nudge, Julian and Ash introduce themselves and discuss their short, mid and long term goals that they […]


The Nudge

Join Julian and Ash every Monday  as they explore about the ins and outs of their journeys through adulthood. Tired of waiting […]


Windari Interview (16/6/15)

After releasing their debut EP ‘Bush Poetry’ and performing all over Melbourne, Melbourne 4-piece Windari are now about to begin a residency […]


NGAIIRE Interview (26/5/15)

After dropping her debut album ‘Lamentations’ in mid 2013, NGAIIRE has not only been headlining the soulful album nation-wide, but has also […]


Scotty Candlish Interview (28/04/15)

Scotty Candlish joins Julian and Tash live in the studioto talk about his new single ‘Moving On’ which is a part of his […]


Lydia Goldthorpe Interview (28/04/15)

Lydia Goldthorpe joins Julian and Tash on The Hoist to talk about her recently released debut single ‘Secret Sculptures Go’ which is a […]


Shelley Segal Interview (21/03/15)

Shelley Segal chats with Julian and Seonaid about her upcoming debut EP ‘Strange Feeling’, containing her new single ‘Sidelined’, which she plays […]


Mike Waters Interview (07/04/15)

Mike Waters chats with Julian and Beth about his upcoming debut EP ‘Life’, containing his debut single ‘Gambling Man’. Waters is even […]