Julian Gasparri


Windari Interview (16/6/15)

After releasing their debut EP ‘Bush Poetry’ and performing all over Melbourne, Melbourne 4-piece Windari are now about to begin a residency […]


NGAIIRE Interview (26/5/15)

After dropping her debut album ‘Lamentations’ in mid 2013, NGAIIRE has not only been headlining the soulful album nation-wide, but has also […]


Scotty Candlish Interview (28/04/15)

Scotty Candlish joins Julian and Tash live in the studioto talk about his new single ‘Moving On’ which is a part of his […]


Lydia Goldthorpe Interview (28/04/15)

Lydia Goldthorpe joins Julian and Tash on The Hoist to talk about her recently released debut single ‘Secret Sculptures Go’ which is a […]


Shelley Segal Interview (21/03/15)

Shelley Segal chats with Julian and Seonaid about her upcoming debut EP ‘Strange Feeling’, containing her new single ‘Sidelined’, which she plays […]


Mike Waters Interview (07/04/15)

Mike Waters chats with Julian and Beth about his upcoming debut EP ‘Life’, containing his debut single ‘Gambling Man’. Waters is even […]


Arrivals Interview (17/03/15)

Josh Worthington from Arrivals chats to Julian and Beth about the aftermath of their debut release ‘Borrowed Time’ and the EP that […]


Dick Diver Interview – Thursday 27th November

The friendly Al and Alastair joined Julian in the studio for a chat on New and Approved, we talked about touring in […]


Interview: Yacht Club DJs

On Thursday’s New & Approved, Julian & Steph spoke to Gaz Harrison of Yacht Club DJs, who are currently on their Hooroo […]


Interview: Mojo Juju

On Thursday’s New & Approved, Julian & Steph caught up with melbourne-based blues artist Mojo Juju! She spoke about her amazing new […]