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Review: In The Mens

In the Mens Interesting look into the expansive Australian male psyche. The show is a number of monologues dedicated to generations of […]


Review: P.O.V. Dave – La Mama

La Mama’s P.O.V. Dave is essentially a film noir play about a retiring press photographer who gets more than he bargained for with his […]


Review: Duets – The Stain Theatre Troupe x La Mama Theatre

There will be some mildly sexual language and content throughout this review. If that might be a problem for you, tune out […]


Review: At Arms Length MICF

At Arms Length is a fun, short piece written, directed and choreographed by Lucy Pitt. This show was performed in Platform at La […]


Review: Vladimir the Crow MICF

There really is a very fine line between scary and funny. A very fine but very long line that many a piece […]


Simon Farley, Kate Weston & Martin Hoggart: The Nun and the Highwayman

A surreal power play, as a highwayman sneaks into an abbey and wakes up to find a nun pointing a gun at […]


Review: A Few Steps… Not Here… Not There

Not your typical play: a displaced man slides into insanity and triumph in A Few Steps… Not Here… Not There, showing at La Mama […]


Review: The Judgement

Dynamic characters and stand-out performances. Osman on The Judgement, Aaron Orzech and Samara Hersch’s remake of Franz Kafka’s short story, which showed at […]



For this week’s Rockin’ the Suburbs Ebony takes us to Carlton to explore La Mama Theatre’s Explorations season and Cinema Nova.


Samara Hersch: The Judgement

Kafka re-imagined. Hosts Ebony and Lauren chat to director Samara Hersch about The Judgement and the “inherently fraught” nature of theatre, questioning reality.  The […]