FILM REVIEW: Sound of Metal

It’s the sound of silence that makes not Simon and Garfunkel but Sound of Metal (2019) deafening in its impact. So very […]


News Talks #3: Aboriginal languages in school curriculum

Gabriela Caeli Sumampow and Anneliese Farrer speak to Mitha about the Foundation for Young Australian’s Local and Vocal Campaign. They discussed issues […]


Preserving Aboriginal Language & Stories – Lowering the Voting Age to 16 – WA’s First Aboriginal Airport – The Edge Podcast

This Week on The Edge Should we Lower the Voting Age to 16? Preserving Aboriginal Language & Stories WA’s First Aboriginal Owned […]

The Amplify logo, with black lettering on a colourful confetti background

Full Show | Tuesday, May 17th, 2016

The truth about Eurovision, the difficulties of language, and more


Jinsong Li: Mandarin AFL Commentator

How do you translate AFL – the terms, the rules, a love of the game – for a Chinese audience? Jinsong Li […]


What Do We Call ISIS?

Reporter Luke Michael takes a look at the myriad of names for the terror organisation, what they all mean and what their […]


Do second languages make you smarter?

A new study out of the UK has found that bilingual speakers tend to have a more open-minded perspective when it comes […]

Our first fucking playlist

Family Reunion – Blink-182 Fuck It (I Don’t Want You Back) – Eamon  Fuck it – Dune Rats Too Drunk To Fuck […]


Hopes for bilingual education to grow

In 2014, Auburn High School became the only government secondary school in Victoria to offer a bilingual education program to its students. […]