Liner Notes


Week Sixteen – Jake Cleland

Founder of monthly music zine Strine Whine and prolific music critic Jake Cleland joins Liner Notes. The former SYN’er digs into what make […]

Labs Online: How To Look Good On The Internet

Our October Content Lab focused on how to use the internet to promote our work and our selves. We were joined by Rochelle Flack: […]


Week Fifteen – Tom Fraser

Iconic local label Pieater was formed when Jo and Tom of Big Scary banded together with their friend, Tom Fraser to help […]


Week Thirteen – Holly Pereira and Angela Christian-Wilkes

This week of Liner Notes was all about showcasing young women in the music industry. Holly Pereira, writer for Beat Magazine, Strine Whine and assistant […]


Week Twelve – Sabi Robertson

A true music industry multi tasker, Sabi Robertson runs Melbourne music blog Mismatch and manages acts such as Sleepy Dreamers and Alexander […]