Right On Track – Episode 14: ‘Look What You’ve Done To Our Breakfast!’

It’s Episode 14 of Right On Track, so Connor, Parry and Denham embark to review some more fantastical episodes of Thomas The […]


Right On Track – Meet the Presenters: Tom Parry

SYN Year: 2017 Favourite Engines: Henry and BoCo Favourite Book: Gordon the Big Engine For as long as he can remember, Parry […]


Right on Track – Episode 13: ‘It’s Not Funny’

The Right On Track podcast makes full steam ahead with a new episode for the week, as Connor, Denham and Parry review […]


Interview: Rebecca Rosengrave

CONTENT WARNING: Mental illness Samara and Smithers chat to Rebecca Rosengrave about her debut young adult fantasy novel, Gumtree Gargoyles.


Penguin Classics: Civilization and its Discontents

Freud’s essay is this week’s featured Penguin Classic: all you need to know so you can sound cultured and informed at nerdy […]


Richard Ferguson: Shakespeare’s Politics

400 years after Shakespeare’s death, journalist and non-fiction reviewer Richard Ferguson explains why the bard is still as relevant as ever – […]


Richard Ferguson: Political Memoir

Journalist, writer and non-fiction reviewer Richard Ferguson discusses what makes a juicy political memoir, the danger of poltical amnesia, and his approach […]


Memorable Endings

From Harry Potter to The Great Gatsby to Inception: endings that stick in your mind, for better or for worse. What are yours? Let us know on […]


Penguin Classics: The Beach

All you need to know about Penguin Classics, so you can sound cultured and informed at nerdy parties. This week Alice tells […]


1984 Appendix

Does the appendix of George Orwell’s 1984, explaining Newspeak in the past tense, make the novel hopeful rather than depressing? Listener Jasper thinks so […]