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Questionable Love Song Dedications Ep. 8 – Seismic Declarations of Love On today’s episode, the second “seasonal” episode of the show, Maria, Ice T (Tom) and Christian join Paul as he factually […]

EP 3 - A Questionable Year

Questionable Love Song Dedications – Episode 3: “A Questionable Year”

On this episode, we reflected on a fairly questionable year by discussing Halsey, The Chainsmokers, Rihanna, Calvin Harris, Flume, the xx, and […]

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Questionable Love Song Dedications – Episode 2: “Predatory Partners”

Due to technical issues, the show’s first episode is lost to the void, somewhere out there, beyond the pale moonlight…Alas, we have […]


Questionable Love Song Dedications

A music-comedy show debunking famous love songs that really shouldn’t be dedicated to anybody due to their weird subtexts and sometimes obvious euphemisms


This week on Conceptions we dive head long into electronic┬álove songs with our theme Rom-Computer to find out if andriods do dream […]