Swinburne on SYN – Marjorie Raimundo – Photo Manipulation in Fashion and Advertising Forum – 2 September

Editing is heavily used to accentuate a message within the image or perfect one’s face or figure in order to create attention […]


Swinburne on SYN – Josh & Marjorie – Body Shaming – August 11

Marjorie and Josh discuss the 17,000 signed ‘fat is not a feeling’ petition in regards to Facebook having a ‘Feeling Fat’ status […]


Swinburne on SYN – Josh & Marjorie – Rapper or American Congressman? – August 11

Rappers’ birth names are quite different from their stage names, so Marjorie called out a bunch of names for Josh to answer, […]


Swinburne on SYN – Josh & Marjorie – Concerts Coming Up in Melbourne – August 11

Marjorie and Josh discuss upcoming music concerts in Melbourne, which would you want to go to?


Swinburne on SYN – Things That People Just Shouldn’t Do – August 5

Michelle, Marjorie and Dean discuss a few things that people shouldn’t be doing.


Swinburne on SYN – Marjorie, Michelle, Dean – Inventions We’re Expected To See in the Future! – August 5

Marjorie, Michelle and Dean talk about flying vehicles, the suncreen pill and amazing technology for cancer patients 


Swinburne on SYN – Marjorie, Josh, Laurie – Man Gets 19 Surgeries to Look Like Superman – July 29

Marjorie, Josh and Laurie discuss their thoughts on a man who gets plastic surgery to look like his favourite superhero, Superman! Is […]


Swinburne on SYN – Michelle, Marjorie and Pink talk Girl Code – July 28

Michelle, Marjorie and Pink discuss the unwritten rules of girl code on SYN.


Swinburne on SYN – Marjorie, Michelle, Pink – Things Only Girls Understand – July 28

Marjorie, Michelle and Pink discuss their love for shopping, taking ages to get ready, nail polish and more – basically a topic […]


Swinburne on SYN – Marjorie, Josh and Laurie – How to treat yourself – July 29

Marjorie, Josh and Laurie chat about how they can treat themselves… Including buying an hour of Donald Trump for $300,000