Martin Ditmann


June 21: Foreign Aid, School Chaplains and Crossing the floor

This week on Represent, we talk about the changes to foreign aid delivery and the High Court decision on school chaplains. We […]


Podcast: 26/4/14

It was only a three day work week, but it was still a big week in politics!  In this week’s episode we […]


Podcast 19/4/2014

It’s time to sit down with a $3000 bottle of wine and enjoy the Represent podcast. This week we talk to Independent […]

Big Dreamers

Young people have acheived some pretty awesome things this year, overcoming huge challenges to succeed in diverse fields across Australia. Tune in […]

Victoria’s on the move, but who’s being left behind?

Public transport – it’s always been a big issue for Victoria. And it’s been especially big in the last few weeks – […]