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Snagged by Tara: The Bachelor Recap S5 E10

Dramatic, uplifting music plays. It’s time for the episode of The Bachelor where we finally see the Devil booted from the house. […]

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My Kitchen Doesn’t Rule – The Bachelor Australia Recap S5 E9

We’re more than halfway through The Bachelor Australia Season 5. Do we have any front runners? Yes. (Well at least I think […]

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The Caterer’s Sacked: The Bachelor Australia Recap S5 E8

Welcome one, welcome all to the recap of Bachie ep 8, where we see the girls SHOOK over one particular lass landing […]

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#KettleBlack on The Bachelor Australia Recap S5 E7

Tonight on The Bachelor Australia, it was the Tale of Double Standards, where we learn what men and women are and are […]


Dat Ass: The Bachelor Australia Recap S5 E6

We’re on Episode 6, cutting straight back to last night’s cliff-hanging Rose Ceremony. Sian gets singled out mid-Ceremony and immediately booted from […]

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A Prickly Rose Ceremony on The Bachelor Ep 5 Season 5

It’s time for Bachie Recap Ep 5: The Ep they left us on a cliffhanger! I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed. Okay, […]

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She said WHAT?! The Bachelor Ep 4 Season 5 Recap

Welcome to the Ep 4 Season 5 recap, where as you’ve guessed it, there’s still plenty of DRAMAHHHH before anything genuinely manufactured happens […]

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Lovealike Laura and pigs abound on The Bachelor Ep 3 Season 5

To be honest, I missed the first 15 minutes of Bachie Ep 3 tonight, and I think saying that there was The Bitchelorettes […]

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Leah Pashes, Bachie Dashes: The Bachelor Recap Ep 2 Season 5

We’ve met the contestants, now it’s time to share a boyfriend. In the house, tensions are intense. Non-Intruder Elora‘s rig is again […]

#GameOnMolls: Matty J launches The Bachelor: Season 5

Matty J’s returned to the screen for Season 5 of Bachie after conceding defeat to last year’s Lee for Georgia Love’s affections.  Be still […]