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Rae Isbester as Nigella Lawson at Melbourne Fringe, Credit: Supplied.

Is this the best Nigella Lawson impersonator of all time?

When life gives you lemons, you make a lemon tart (and write and perform a hilarious stage show in tribute to a […]

Credit: Supplied.

Michael Shafar’s new Fringe show is a ‘work in progress’

Michael Shafar is a former lawyer who turned his back on the courts to pursue a career in comedy. And it seems […]

Credit: Supplied.

Paul Richards debuts ‘Montreal’ at Melbourne Fringe

We don’t know about you, but we think it’s a huge deal when the on-screen soap opera of pro wrestling drops its […]

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What do Rose Bishop & Elyce Phillips find in swamp at Melbourne Fringe?

Things we found in the Swamp is a weird, little Fringe show about a battle to save some sludge. Starring Rose Bishop […]

Interview: Simon Abrahams

Hosts Beth and Will were joined in the studio with SIMON ABRAHAMS, CEO of Melbourne Fringe. Simon spoke about a new initiative to reach […]


Interview: You’ve Got That Thing 10/9/14

Mia, Nick & Jess have got that thing. What’s that thing you ask? That thing is an interview with Brodie and Mitch […]