The D&eM

Chill out with The D&eM – Wednesday Night Lofi The D & eM is a seasonal Lofi /electronica music show focussing on […]


Owen Wilson ‘Wowposting’: Behind the Wow

On a Monday evening in March, hundreds of strangers gathered together at Melbourne’s Federation square to wow in unison like the film […]


“Couples’ Night” on The Naughty Rude Show – 29th October 2017

This week on Naughty Rude, Paul and Erin, two people in a relationship, talk about relationship things. We also┬álend our two cents […]


Amateur Hour Episode 3: Per’s Rant. P-Plates, Massive Predictions

Well… Episode 2 failed to record, but HEY! Episode 3 is here!!! Hear Per rant about public restrooms. How we should conduct […]


Wednesday, April 20th

Toby & Rebecca distinguish ironic online communists, recap Supanova from a volunteer’s perspective, and discuss comic books as an art form.


Wednesday, April 13th

Join Toby and Rebecca as they kick of the first Wednesday show of the season discussing all things memes, sexual tension between […]


4chan sold to Japanese business man

You either hate them or you love them but there is no denying memes are everywhere. 4chan, one of the weirdest and […]


WTF (Why Teens Freak)

Are you feeling ANGSTY? Do you ever FREAK OUT? Well, fear no more. Tune in every Saturday with Kiana and Tara for […]