mental illness


Mental Health Week

Over half of the Australian population will be affected by mental illness at some point in┬átheir lifetime. This week is Mental Health […]


Interview: Kendall Jane Rundell – 4:48 Psychosis

*Note to listeners: content and trigger warning – the following interview discusses┬áthemes that may be distressing for listerners. These themes include, but […]


Dominic Ennis Interview (YSAS)

Josh and Simon sat down with Dom Ennis from the Youth Support and Advocacy Service (YSAS) to discuss drug and alcohol dependancy […]


Feminist Buzzkill – Episode 3 – 16/02/2016

In this episode of Feminist Buzzkill, Katie and Evie begrudgingly allow Christian back into the studio to have a chat about the […]


Interview: Maria Katsonis

Scott & Maddy caught up with Maria Katsonis and chatted to her about her memoir ‘The Good Greek Girl’, where she shares […]


The Graduates #10 Job Hunting and Mental Illness

Job hunting can really get you down, so this week we’re chatting about how to keep mentally healthy while looking for work. […]

Disability and Illness – Episode 6

Our hosts Casey, Amorette, Shaz, and special guest Ariane discuss coping with illness while with a disability. Our hosts also shave their […]