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The Sports Epilogue: Conor McGregor Faces His Rumble in the Jungle Moment

The rematch between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz is not just a legacy fight: this will impact sports history. 

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The Sports Epilogue: The UFC Middleweight Title Is in Limbo No Matter the Outcome of Michael Bisping vs Dan Henderson – Jono Talks

Dan Henderson at 45-years-old is on the cusp of retirement but the UFC have granted him a huge favour – he should […]

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The Sports Epilogue: USADA’s the Unsung Hero of UFC 200 – Jono Talks

UFC 200 was meant to be the most exciting card in UFC history but instead it highlighted out of its own demise, […]

The Sports Epilogue: Jon Jones Swerves from Path to Redemption, Faces Doping Violation – Jono Talks

UFC champions are made inside and outside the Octagon and Jon Jones has failed miserably in the latter. 

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The Sports Epilogue: Luke Rockhold’s Lack of Sportsmanship Should Not Be Condemned – Jono Talks

Many critics and fans have been quick to judge Luke Rockhold’s attitude after his middleweight championship loss to Michael Bisping at UFC […]

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The Sports Epilogue: Georges St-Pierre Says It’s Now or Never, Gambling on His Legacy – Jono Talks

Georges St-Pierre wants to return to the UFC and has boldly set his eyes on the newly crowned middleweight champion, Michael Bisping. […]


The Sports Epilogue: Jonathan & Matthew on UFC 200, McGregor’s Rematch, Performance Enhancing Drugs & More – Jono Talks

UFC 200 and the rematch between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz are fast approaching but so are the controversies. This UFC podcast was […]

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The Sports Epilogue: Brock Lesnar’s Return Against Mark Hunt Could Be Very Short – Jono Talks

It’s official: Brock Lesnar will be fighting on the UFC 200 card. He is up against Mark Hunt, who has devastating knockout […]

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The Sports Epilogue: Muhammad Ali Transcended Boxing – Jono Talks

Not many people can claim to have changed sports history, let alone the world – Muhammad Ali can raise his hand.  

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The Sports Epilogue – Mayweather Jr. Vs. McGregor Is Laughable – Jono Talks

Rumours have surfaced that Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor could fight each other in a blockbuster boxing match. I dispute the legitimacy […]