Moshpit on SYN

10 Albums in 10 Days: Day 10

RACE CAR BLUES, SLOWLY SLOWLY, 2020 There really isn’t anything else I could have finished off this compilation of albums with. I […]

10 Albums in 10 Days: Day 9

BIG GRIEF, WAAX, 2019 Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the musical review of WAAX’s debut studio album, can we take […]

10 Albums in 10 Days: Day 8

I’M NOT MAKING GOOD DECISIONS, BAKERS EDDY, 2018 I know this segment is called “10 albums in 10 days” but suuurely a […]

10 Albums in 10 Days: Day 7

WACO, VIOLENT SOHO, 2016 Hell f*** yeah! Whoops, wrong album, but really, listen through Violent Soho’s lead singles and what do they […]

10 Albums in 10 Days: Day 6

DAYS GO BY, THE OFFSPRING, 2012 Similarly with Neon Ballroom on day 2, this may come as an unexpected choice for this […]

10 Albums in 10 Days: Day 4

PUZZLE, BIFFY CLYRO, 2007 It could not be clearer that Biffy Clyro’s Puzzle means quite a lot to me, as I happen to have […]

10 Albums in 10 Days: Day 2

NEON BALLROOM, SILVERCHAIR, 1999 CW: This article discusses anorexia. I’m sure anyone who knows me won’t be shocked I have chosen to […]

10 Albums in 10 Days: Day 1

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Welcome to Moshpit on SYN’s 10 Albums in 10 Days with Salomae. When challenged to take on reviewing 10 of […]


INTERVIEW: The Matches

Interview with Shawn from The Matches ahead of their 10 year anniversary tour for ‘Decomposer’.


Interview with Melechesh – THE 11TH HOUR 26/2/2015

Ben chatted with Ashmedi, vocalist of Armenian Black Metal band Melechesh, about new album Enki, out now. Check out the extended interview, […]