Moshpit on SYN


INTERVIEW: The Matches

Interview with Shawn from The Matches ahead of their 10 year anniversary tour for ‘Decomposer’.


Interview with Melechesh – THE 11TH HOUR 26/2/2015

Ben chatted with Ashmedi, vocalist of Armenian Black Metal band Melechesh, about new album Enki, out now. Check out the extended interview, […]


Interview with Zetro from Exodus – THE 11TH HOUR 19/2/2015

Luke caught up with Zetro, vocalist of legendary thrashers Exodus. The band return to Australia for the 2015 Soundwave Festival, as well […]


Interview with Chewy from Feed Her to the Sharks – NEW NOISE 12/2/2015

We caught up with Kim ‘Chewy’ Choo of Feed Her to the Sharks. The Melbourne metalcore band have just released their new […]


The 11th Hour – Playlist 5/2/2015

THE 11TH HOUR rounds out the Moshpit lineup at 10pm, our all-metal power hour with Ben & Alex. You can find the […]


WHAT IF!? In the Moshpit – Playlist 5/2/2015

At 9pm Thursdays on SYN 90.7, it’s time for WHAT IF?! in the Moshpit as San showcases the best of punk and […]