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News Talks #10: Has COVID cracked Australia’s multicultural illusion?

In a continuation from our last News Talks, reporters Anneliese Farrer and Wing Kuang speak to Don Doughty, immediate past Vice President […]


Life in Colour S1 #4: The In-betweener Effect

Life in Colour S1 #4: The In-betweener Effect What’s it like living between two different cultures? We talk intergrenerational conflict and the […]


Life in Colour

Life in Colour Welcome to the Life in Colour Show! Join us each week as we dissect current affairs and issues in […]

Call to end Prayers in Parliament

Last week in State Parliament liberal MP Tim Smith attacked Greens MPs Ellen Sandell and Sam Hibbins for entering Parliament after the […]


Praising multiculturalism: a program with hope

A unique project has received the national award for embracing multiculturalism. The project was run in the diverse community of Dandenong and […]