Losing Linda

Sweet 16 & Feature Albums 13/10/19

LOCAL FEATURE ALBUM: Sui Zhen –  Losing, Linda LOCAL TRACKS: Demon Days – Taking It Slow Clypso – D.Y.S. (Defend Your Situation) […]


Graveyard Shift (12/10/2019)

Graveyard shift with hip hop, pop, metal, house and more genres of music.

p80b website logo

Post-80s Babies

The 80s retrieved for those not yet conceived! Join in on a crate-dig through 80s tunes, exploring the influential new sounds of the era […]

honey tell me why

Sunday Sweets: Honey – Tell Me Why / Jupiter Boogie

Each week, the Sunday Sweets team shares a few of their favourite tracks from SYN’s Sweet 16. Artist: Honey Track: Tell Me […]


Noble Natives live review

The Venue ‘Section 8’ located Tattersalls Ln, Melbourne VIC, ran an event called Mellowdias Thump , in attendance was Noble Natives a […]


Chiptunes: Unique, original and more than just nostalgia

A new style of music is emerging from old technology and it is riding on a lot more than just nostalgia. Chiptunes […]


Sweet 16 & Feature Albums 18/8/19

LOCAL FEATURE ALBUM: Royalty Noise – Unnatural Selection LOCAL TRACKS: Big Yawn – Thomas Ainslie Wills – Mountains Miiesha – Drowning Donny Benét […]

0 Get Cereal Podcast General

Get Cereal Wednesday (14.8.19)

Get Cereal 14.8.19. All the fun stuff segments, music and discussions. Hosted by Monisha and Jitan. Interview guests Louis Baker and Wagon […]

Tram Cops - California Way

Sunday Sweets: Tram Cops – California Way

Each week, the Sunday Sweets team shares a few fave tracks from SYN’s Sweet 16. Artist: Tram Cops Track: California Way Type: Local The hushed […]

Feel For You - Bat For Lashes

Sunday Sweets: Bat For Lashes – Feel For You

Each week, the Sunday Sweets team shares a few fave tracks from SYN’s Sweet 16. Artist: Bat For Lashes Track: Feel For You […]