Oz Comic-Con


Oz Comic-Con Interview: Wayne Nichols

Wayne Nichols is an Australian comic book artist and commercial illustrator. His recent comic projects include F.V.Z.A and Ryder on the Strom, […]


Oz Comic-Con Interview: Tim Molloy

Tim Molloy is a New Zealand illustrator and comic artist, living and working in Melbourne. Molloy’s work has appeared in Tango, Torpedo and Desktop Magazine. In […]


Oz Comic-Con Interview: Nicola Scott

Nicola Scott is a comic book artist from Sydney, Australia  whose notable works include Birds of Prey and Secret Six. Her first comics work were painted covers […]


Oz Comic-Con Interview: Dillon Naylor

Dillon Naylor is an Australian cartoonist, illustrator and toy designer. He is the creator of the comic strip Batrisha the Vampire Girl, which […]


Oz Comic-Con Interview: Dean Rankine

Dean Rankine is a mainstay of the Australian comic scene, having worked on the adventures of Itchy and Scratchy, Spider-Pig, Milhouse and […]


Oz Comic-Con Interview: David Yardin

David Yardin has been illustrating comics professionally for over 13 years. He got his start in the industry after studying under Whilce […]