Changes to citizenship test could disadvantage refugees

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull recently announced changes to the Australian Citizenship Test. Reporter Shannon Schubert finds out about these changes, and how they might affect […]

youth voice 2

Victorian Youth Summit: young voices cry for change

Around 400 young people attended the Victorian Parliament’s inaugural Youth Summit at Melbourne’s MCG on Friday.  Panorama reporters Alain Nygugen and Dona Malaish caught the passionate […]


Will there be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050?

Plastic bottles, plastic bags, plastic pens – ever wondered where all that plastic we throw away ends up. Well according to a report […]


Veggies vs Fruit – What’s what.

Do you consider yourself a foodie? You’d ace a short quiz putting names to pictures of fruits and veg, right? You’d be […]


Paedophiles , sex offending.

The Issue of Child sex abuse – and how to deal with and treat paedophiles has reared its ugly head with the continuing […]


Narcissism – People problems

Increasingly described as the “Me Generation” young people are tarred with the brush of narcissus.  But what does that word actually mean […]



Myanmar, also known as Burma, has had its first free (mostly) and arguably most important, elections since the 1960s. They will decide […]


Brunswick Breakdown

Would you buy an apartment if it didn’t include a private car park? Well VCAT doesn’t think you should. Just last week, they […]


Mayhem? Myanmar? Elections in Burma

The South East Asian nation of Myanmar is increasingly kicking into gear on the international stage.  But it’s the latest ructions on […]


Revenge Porn

The Labor party has proposed a bill aimed at dealing with the problem of revenge porn in Australia.  Victoria and NSW currently […]