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SAMPLED 12/09/23

Sampled – 3-5PM, Tuesday 12th September The season 3 finale of Sampled featured a brand new track by Aussie dj Kinder sampling KC and […]

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SAMPLED 26/07/23

Sampled – 3-5PM, Tuesday 26th July On this episode of Sampled catch the story behind Lil Nas X’s unintentional sample of a hit from […]

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SAMPLED 18/07/23

Sampled – 3-5PM, Tuesday 18th July This week explored some quirky samples, including an interpolation of The Beatles’ ‘Glass Onion’ in MF DOOM’s track […]

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SAMPLED 04/04/23

Sampled – 3-5PM, Tuesday 4 April This week featured samples of 60’s era icons, including Elvis Presley’s ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’ and The […]

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SAMPLED 28/03/23

Sampled – 3-5PM, Tuesday 28 March Plenty of samples explored this episode, some of which were included in 90s rap hits by Snoop Dog, House of […]

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SAMPLED 14/03/23

Sampled – 3-5PM, Tuesday 14 March This episode of Sampled delved into some EDM samples, including Zedd and Martin Garrix. There were also plenty […]

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SAMPLED 07/03/23

Sampled – 3-5PM, Tuesday 7 March This episode we’re joined by a very special guest, it’s Melbourne based rapper/singer/producer BOY CURSED (aka. […]

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SAMPLED – 21/02/23 (PODCAST)

Sampled – 3-5PM, Tuesday 21 February Sampled’s season return highlighted samples used in hits by artists such as Rod Stewart, TV Girl and […]


New & Approved – 25/02/2023

New & Approved, 6-8PM – Saturday, 25 February Gengahr – A Ladder Tove Lo – Borderline Caroline Polachek – Welcome To My […]

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Sampled – 21/02/2023

Sampled – 3-5PM, Tuesday 21 February