Interview: Biddy Connor

Jim, Gill and Smithers interview vocalist and viola player Biddy Connor from the Letter String Quartet, who have an upcoming concert, Oracle Marker, […]


Ezpisode 5: Ezcapades feat. Ms Millie’s Pop-Up Poetry Cafe (Jay Jay x Tom x Sharifa)

Ez interviews Jehnet Kaya, founder of Ms Millie’s Pop-Up Poetry Cafe in Brunswick, just off Sydney Road. Her dimly lit space draws the audience close […]


Thursday, April 14th

Join Richard, Will and Pat as they discuss poetry, new movies, and Facebook vs. YouTube in visual media.


Interview: Wil Greenway

Hosts Rebecca and Jonathan are joined in the studio with master story teller, poet and comedian, Wil Greenway. Wil is a Melbourne […]

Get Cereal Poetry Slam 19.5.15

Producers Scott and Alex Competed to see who was the best poet. Producer Alex entered his poem ‘We’ve Split’, a poem about […]


Interview: David Brooks with a poetry reading from Open House

Madeleine Stuchbery and Andrew Kelso heard writer David Brooks read “In the Kingdom of Shadows” and “Freight” from his book of poems […]


PODCAST: Spirituality and Disability

A truly amazing show on Intersection hearing from Stevie Wills, a Christian with Cerebral Palsy and Barbara, a Jewish woman working with […]