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The Weekly Wrap 7.09.18

On this week’s show we explore Australia’s crisis with armed strawberries (cut them, don’t cut out!), take a look into the Emmy […]

Chunky Radio Slop

Each Saturday at 3pm, your host Ross opens up a can of radio fun – giving you his unique, comedic take on […]


The Yellow Family S01E06 – ‘And Maggie Makes Three’

The boys accompany special guest, Luke, whose chosen episode is ‘And Maggie Makes Three’, which prompts discussion of Homer as a father as […]


The Yellow Family S01E05 – ‘Cape Feare’

The boys address some technical issues in All the Write Ins and are joined by special guest Andrew who brings Sideshow Bob into the […]


The Girl And The Fella

Catch up with ‘The Girl And The Fella’ every Tuesday night on SYN Nation where they put the social in social media


Review – Carol (2015)

by Ben Volchok (http://syn.org.au/users/benvolchok) Carol – the latest film by Todd Haynes ­– premiered at the Cannes film festival in the middle […]


Swinburne on SYN – Josh & Marjorie – Rapper or American Congressman? – August 11

Rappers’ birth names are quite different from their stage names, so Marjorie called out a bunch of names for Josh to answer, […]


Swinburne on SYN – Aimee and Josh, pop culture quiz – August 4

Aimee, the pop culture fantatic, quizzes Josh on all things Hollywood. 


Episode II: ‘You’re Gonna Have To Toss Me’

The quest for banter continues as Zach and Will battle it out head to head in three of their favourite games.  True […]


Swinburne on SYN – Ashley Madison and Sunburn Selfies – July 21

Marjorie and Josh discuss Ashley Madison, the infamous hook-up website for cheating couples and how they were hacked, as well as the […]