Primary School


Primary Perspectives

From 3WBC & SBN via the Community Radio Network. Ground-breaking, award-winning children’s edutainment hosted entirely by young people from mid-primary to mid-secondary ages.


Calls for teaching practices to be tailored

When you were in high school, did you ever wonder how your teacher catered for your ability level whilst also assisting your […]


Monday: Nick the Nit

Scott went to a primary school this week and told Maddy he discovered he actually wants to make his head a national park […]

Great Minds Don’t Think Alike 25/10

Cal, Eamon and Christian talk the good and the bad of primary school, high school and transitioning between the two.


Monday: Primary School Events

This week Steph, Ash and Iz from Monday’s Get Cereal team discuss all things primary school, such as the classic primary school events […]