Producer Ash


IV: Helen Ryder

Bec H and Katherine chatted to Helen Ryder about her debut single ‘Ladybird’ featuring Spencer P Jones which is being launched 9th […]


IV: Nicholas Johnson

Bec H, Katherine and Producer Ash chatted to Nicholas Johnson about the upcoming Melbourne Magic Festival at the Northcote Town Hall in […]


Take That

Take That! A twenty-something response to the pressures we face everyday. 4pm Wednesdays on SYN Nation.


Monday: Scott’s first novel ‘Tommy Tapir Who Had No Friends’ – a dramatic reading

Scott reads his debut novel – which he wrote as a five-year-old – to Maddy and Producer Ash. It tells the tale […]


Monday – #CerealSpill

So, the word on the street is there is a leadership spill, and it isn’t Tony Abbott who is concerned… Scott fears […]


Monday: Internet Stalking

The Monday Get Cereal team are exposed like never before…   In order to better get to know each other, Scott & Maddy, […]