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Crushing the Pearl: China is finally ready to take back Hong Kong

In its relatively short existence, the People’s Republic of China has become one of the most formidable forces on the planet. However, […]


Interview: Ivan Hexter

Silvi and Christina chat to film director Ivan Hexter about his work on Tunnel Vision, a new documentary about the protests against the […]


Jakarta protests explained

Tens of thousands of people rallied in Jakarta last weekend, calling for tolerance and unity. This was after conservative Muslims protested against minority Christian […]


Thursday, March 31st

Richard, Will & Patrick discuss recent shark attacks, proposed changes to protest laws and more


The debate between commercial music and intellectual property

To what extent can musicians control what there music is used for? Reclaim Australia used a number of popular Australian songs for […]


Crisis in Caracas: Human rights on the streets of Venezuela

This week, Human Rights Watch released a report into Venezuelan security forces using unlawful force against antigovernment protestors. Social unrest, protests and violence […]